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Integral practices for soulful, ecological living


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Integral practices for soulful and creative living

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Therapy, coaching and development for soulful, ecological living

We live in challenging times. The crisis of climate change, and other challenges, can sometimes overwhelm us. Whatever the future holds, however, we can all decide how we live our lives right now. My counselling, coaching and training work is about helping you to live with the problems you face with authenticity, creativity, grace and courage.


Meeting the challenges

As someone who cares deeply about the world, then you may sometimes feel a sense of fear and hopelessness for the future. And yet, it is likely to be those of us who care most who can make the biggest difference. To do this, we will need new ways of thinking about our world and our lives. To explore more connected ways of seeing, and developing practices that help sustain us when things get tough.


Conversations for change

As a leader, an entrepreneur, an artist, an activist, someone supporting others or someone wanting to make a difference, you are in the business of making change. How can you do this with integrity and complexity, whilst dealing with the day-to-day human issues we all face?


Good, deep conversations can help – conversations that explore different ways in which we can do our work and live our lives. That’s what my integral coaching and counselling is about.


You can explore how I can support you HERE and you'll find a range of resources and links throughout this site.


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